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Revenge of the killer chairs

Today I noticed that the hundred and thirty thousand chairs that were in the corridor yesterday have been herded, like little five wheeled sheep, into glass ‘pens’. What amused me further was the fact that there were three people, with their hands on their hips looking at the chairs, and discussing at great length how they had come to rest there. And what could possibly be done about the situation. I’ve decided they were chair shepherds. Anyway, chairs are still there, but they look happy now. And the main advantage, they aren’t in my bloody way...

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Attack of the killer chairs

Today, as I was going about my business I walked into a corridor here, and to my shock and surprise it was rammed full of chairs. Here is an image All of this made walking through the corridor a lot harder than it would normally have been. I muttered “cunts” under my breath, but no one seemed to care (or...

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Arrested Development – FOX

Firstly, I’ve not written as much here as I wanted to. Even worse though, I have hardly written anything at all about my favourite show of all time ever! Arrested Development is still making me laugh consistently every week. This is one of the great things about American TV. As a Brit, I’m amazed by some of the things that are coming out of the states these days. American primtime remains the most exciting tv market in the world. The only problem is, if shows don’t live up to the expectations of the networks they end up getting the plug pulled. Arrested Development has so far won five Emmy awards. Including the Emmy for best comedy. Yet there are twitchings over a FOX hq that have caused the season two episode order to be cut back to 18, which is four episodes short of what most people would consider a full run. My problem with this is that Arrested is outperfoming all other comedy on the FOX network. In fact, it seems to be outperforming quite a lot of FOX’s output. And after all, FOX is not in an especially strong position at the moment. It doesn’t have huge amounts of high quality comedy, and what it does have seems to consist of three animated shows. Family Guy, The Simpsons and American Dad. The latter of those shows did...

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Veronica Mars – UPN

Its not often I have much good to say about UPN. I’ve spent the last 4 years moaning about how bad Enterprise is. So I’m amazed to say the season hottest new show is on the network. Veronica Mars has been 22 episodes of absolute joy. It hardly slowed down at any point. The main story arc has kept me interested all the way through. And the writers promise, now this season is over, and that arc is resolved, there will be a new one next year to keep us happy. Basic plot is: Kristen Bell plays 17 year old (Bell is 24, but looks just about young enough to pull off high-school. But only just.) Veronica Mars. Her father used to be the sherrif, but a mistake investigating the murder of Veronica’s best friend Lilly Kane ended his career. Veronica Mars escaped being cancelled this series, after getting just 2 million viewers. However, UPN have realised that this show is gaining popularity, and while it is no Desperate Housewives or Lost, it is a hit with everyone who takes the time to watch...

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BBC buys Arrested Development S2, Family Guy S4 and American Dad – BBC/FOX

The BBC has announced that it is going to be buying some of the best American comedy. The brilliant “Family Guy” will be airing on the BBC in 2005, as will “American Dad” both created by Seth MacFarlane. Arrested Development is already airing on BBC Two and BBC Four on Wednesday nights (BBC Four shows the next episode after the BBC Two showing). Family Guy was cancelled by FOX but viewer anger and amazing DVD sales prompted them to re-commission the series. Although exact dates for the British debut of the series are not available yet, I do have some info on the Fox TV schedule: American Dad – Premieres February 2005, after the Superbowl Family Guy – North by North Quahog airs on 1st July 2005 (the last episode aired in 2002 and was called Family Guy Viewer Mail #1) Arrested Development – Next episode is called The One Where Michael Leaves (2) and will air on FOX on the 7th of...

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