Michael Bay and his CES stage fright

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At CES 2014, Michael Bay was invited, and one presumes, paid to make an appearance on the Samsung stage at its press conference. He was to talk about a new TV and his directing work. When he got on stage, he got lost on his prompter and then couldn’t get back on track. Mostly, the Internet laughed when he made his excuses and left the stage, but one friend of mine, Nate Lanxon, suggested that it might have been a panic attack. Of course that’s true, although I don’t think it was that. Bay doesn’t really have of value to add to a discourse about technology. Sure, his films end up displayed on a TV, but that doesn’t mean he understands technology any more than I understand filmmaking. But, if it was a panic attack, does that mean we were wrong to laugh? Well, perhaps, but consider this. Michael Bay makes movies that Mark Kermode described as leering....

Publishing topless photos of Kate Middleton is assault

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Was the publication of images showing Kate Middleton topless a sexual assault? I think so. I’ve seen some people argue that, if you display your naked body in public, then you deserve to have it splashed across Euro-trash magazines. This is perhaps the worst argument for anything ever. Let’s assume for a moment that Kate, or anyone else for that matter, took the decision to go to a nude beach. This would be unwise given her status, and the constant press photographers that trail her, but it’s certainly her right as a human being. Does her decision to sunbathe naked mean that she loses the right to control where her body is seen. She has, after all, decided to display herself to those people on the beach. But, she is also able to see those people naked too. So there is, if you like, a sort of trust between them all. That trust is that they will all behave well, and...

Revenge of the killer chairs

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Today I noticed that the hundred and thirty thousand chairs that were in the corridor yesterday have been herded, like little five wheeled sheep, into glass ‘pens’. What amused me further was the fact that there were three people, with their hands on their hips looking at the chairs, and discussing at great length how they had come to rest there. And what could possibly be done about the situation. I’ve decided they were chair shepherds. Anyway, chairs are still there, but they look happy now. And the main advantage, they aren’t in my bloody way anymore.

Attack of the killer chairs

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Today, as I was going about my business I walked into a corridor here, and to my shock and surprise it was rammed full of chairs. Here is an image All of this made walking through the corridor a lot harder than it would normally have been. I muttered “cunts” under my breath, but no one seemed to care (or notice).

The girl in her underwear

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Today it has been brought to my attention that the picture on my desk is not acceptable. I’ll explain. A few months ago, a girl here gave me a picture that got sent in as a press release shot. It’s for some underwear or something. Its fairly ambiguous from the picture itself what the product might be. But the following points are important 1) The girl is cute2) She is wearing underwear Someone in the office has just asked me to remove it, as someone has noticed. I’m a bit put out by this to be honest, and I also think its frankly ridiculous that an image that was: 1) Given to me by a girl who works here2) Is not obscene in any way Is not allowed on my desk. Ironically, it is next to a picture of the Evil Monkey from Family Guy, with the caption “STFU!!!”. For those of you who don’t know. STFU means SHUT THE FUCK UP. I think I’ll replace it with...