Author: Ian

Michael Bay and his CES stage fright

At CES 2014, Michael Bay was invited, and one presumes, paid to make an appearance on the Samsung stage at its press conference. He was to talk about a new TV and his directing work. When he got on stage, he got lost on his prompter and then couldn’t get back on track. Mostly, the Internet laughed when he made his excuses and left the stage, but one friend of mine, Nate Lanxon, suggested that it might have been a panic attack. Of course that’s true, although I don’t think it was that. Bay doesn’t really have of value...

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The great British porn filter

“No sex please, we’re British” couldn’t be more appropriate, as David Cameron and his conservative loonies decided that the best way to “think of the children” was to block porn for a whole nation. I’m going to stick my neck out here though, and say that all men with an interest in sex have watched porn online. That may not be all men, but I’m going to bet it’s pretty much all of them. I don’t know about women, I am not one, but I imagine lots of them have watched porn online too. For all I know, it...

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