Gadget Geeks: Starts Monday the 16th of January, 8pm, Sky1 HD

By on Dec 22, 2011 in Blog, General, Technology, TV | 2 comments

A long time ago I started telling people that I was going to be on a new technology show for Sky1. I had no proof of this, and really everyone was very sweet and took me at my word. Now, finally there’s actually some evidence that I’ve been involved in making a TV show, in the form of a trailer. The show will start on the 16th of January at 8pm on Sky1 HD.  For information about the show, visit my Gadget Geeks...

Product placement is dreadful

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Sometimes I hear people say “I don’t see the problem with product placement”. The argument most often given, is that by placing products into a show, we give it a sense of realism that it wouldn’t otherwise have had. In soaps, for example, it’s claimed that the characters asking for a “pint of beer” is unrealistic, because everyone asks for a brand. Well, ignoring the fact that you can’t place beer in a TV show, because of the OFCOM rules, why does it detract from the drama. If someone asking for a beer, rather than a Carlsberg, is distracting you from the show, then there is a wide problem. Either your attention span is too short, or the show isn’t engaging you. But what people don’t realise is that that, when you allow product placement, what you open yourself up to, is this:   In that clip, an advert for a car...

The Top Gear theme tune Jeremy Clarkson banned

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Several years ago, I worked on Top Gear. I was responsible for the website, and each week I’d go to the studio to take photos and watch the recording. It was one of the best jobs I’ve ever done. Looking through some old files recently, I unearthed a version of the Top Gear theme tune that was mixed when the show got a refresh. This was around the time they moved to a new studio (a different hangar on the same airfield) and got Top Gear Dog, who was another feature that didn’t last very long. Fans of Top Gear will note that the opening titles are similar to the ones that are currently attached to the show. But the main difference is the music. Have a watch (and listen). From what I was told at the time, Jeremy was not a fan. One of the production team told me that he exclaimed that it would make them (the presenters) look like idiots. He might have used more fruity...