Freelance tech journalists don’t have teams they can lean on for moral support. This Slack group is mainly aimed at people who work on a freelance basis or those who are attached to one company but are home-based. In reality though I wouldn’t seek to turn journalists away, even if they were working as staff somewhere.

Ideally I’d like this group to help Freelancer’s share work. If you can’t write something, can you ask the group and suggest names to the commissioner?

Who can join? 

  • Any UK-based technology journalist working for UK titles
  • UK-based writers who work for non-UK publications
  • Non-UK-based writers who work for UK¬†publications

Who can’t currently join?

  • PRs – sorry, this is currently for journalists only. If there’s demand, then it may be possible to add channels for Journos and PRs to “meet” at a later date.

How do I join?

Fill in the Google Form below, I’ll add you to the group.