Okay, there aren’t many programmes in the world that can create the sort of hype this one has. Created by JJ Abrahms (Alias) Lost is about a group of people who survive a plane crash and end up stuck on an island.

Lost is unique in that it has, apparently managed to cause the mouths of people who watch it to hang open in surprise and intrigue. I watched it last night, and my mouth hung open in surprise and intrigue. Apparently I’m not alone. The pilot for this programme went down very well at the ABC “Up Front” presentation earlier in the year.

So what makes it special? Well, the pilot is stunning, special effects are really reather good (the version I saw was not the final one, so certain effects needed tidying). It starts immediately, there is no messing around with character build up (this occurs later as a series of flashbacks). So you are dropped right into the action.

Lost managed to get 18 million viewers, which is nothing short of amazing. I have a feeling it could be the biggest show any US network will have seen for a long time.

I’ll be watching this show closely, I’m hoping it will also get picked up by a UK network.