The BBC has announced that it is going to be buying some of the best American comedy. The brilliant “Family Guy” will be airing on the BBC in 2005, as will “American Dad” both created by Seth MacFarlane. Arrested Development is already airing on BBC Two and BBC Four on Wednesday nights (BBC Four shows the next episode after the BBC Two showing).

Family Guy was cancelled by FOX but viewer anger and amazing DVD sales prompted them to re-commission the series.

Although exact dates for the British debut of the series are not available yet, I do have some info on the Fox TV schedule:

American Dad – Premieres February 2005, after the Superbowl

Family Guy – North by North Quahog airs on 1st July 2005 (the last episode aired in 2002 and was called Family Guy Viewer Mail #1)

Arrested Development – Next episode is called The One Where Michael Leaves (2) and will air on FOX on the 7th of November.