Its not often I have much good to say about UPN. I’ve spent the last 4 years moaning about how bad Enterprise is. So I’m amazed to say the season hottest new show is on the network.

Veronica Mars has been 22 episodes of absolute joy. It hardly slowed down at any point. The main story arc has kept me interested all the way through. And the writers promise, now this season is over, and that arc is resolved, there will be a new one next year to keep us happy.

Basic plot is: Kristen Bell plays 17 year old (Bell is 24, but looks just about young enough to pull off high-school. But only just.) Veronica Mars. Her father used to be the sherrif, but a mistake investigating the murder of Veronica’s best friend Lilly Kane ended his career.

Veronica Mars escaped being cancelled this series, after getting just 2 million viewers. However, UPN have realised that this show is gaining popularity, and while it is no Desperate Housewives or Lost, it is a hit with everyone who takes the time to watch it.