Here’s a curious little bug that seems to affect some people.

Plugging in a Windows 7 laptop for testing, I noticed that although it was plugged in, the battery wasn’t charging. I couldn’t work that out, so I had a look around Google and found that some people had some luck deleting the “ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery” from the device manager.

However one solution mentioned the need to remove the battery.

On the Samsung Series 9 I was using, this simply isn’t possible. So I was stuck, and just deleting the entry wasn’t sufficient.

However, on the Samsung 900X, the BIOS (technically its an EFI) there’s a “Battery conditioner” option. So I ran this for a couple of seconds and then cancelled and rebooted.

Back in Windows, all seems well. Odd.

If you have any ideas what’s going on there, I’d love to hear them.