Several years ago, I worked on Top Gear. I was responsible for the website, and each week I’d go to the studio to take photos and watch the recording. It was one of the best jobs I’ve ever done.

Looking through some old files recently, I unearthed a version of the Top Gear theme tune that was mixed when the show got a refresh. This was around the time they moved to a new studio (a different hangar on the same airfield) and got Top Gear Dog, who was another feature that didn’t last very long.

Fans of Top Gear will note that the opening titles are similar to the ones that are currently attached to the show. But the main difference is the music. Have a watch (and listen).


From what I was told at the time, Jeremy was not a fan. One of the production team told me that he exclaimed that it would make them (the presenters) look like idiots. He might have used more fruity language than that.

Although I really like the updated theme, I think Clarkson was right to object. It is a little bit too electronic, and quite a lot un-Top Gear. The existing theme tune is really a work of art anyway, and the most important thing is, you can imagine Clarkson, May and Hammond all listening to it on their drive home after the show.

I’m posting it here, now, because I think it’s a little gem that should be heard. I hope it doesn’t annoy or upset anyone, but I think it’s something that should hold a lot of interest for fans of the show.

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