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Revenge of the killer chairs

Today I noticed that the hundred and thirty thousand chairs that were in the corridor yesterday have been herded, like little five wheeled sheep, into glass ‘pens’.What amused me further was the fact that there were...

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Attack of the killer chairs

Today, as I was going about my business I walked into a corridor here, and to my shock and surprise it was rammed full of chairs.Here is an imageAll of this made walking through the corridor a lot harder than it would normally...

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Arrested Development – FOX

Firstly, I’ve not written as much here as I wanted to. Even worse though, I have hardly written anything at all about my favourite show of all time ever!Arrested Development is still making me laugh consistently every...

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Veronica Mars – UPN

Its not often I have much good to say about UPN. I’ve spent the last 4 years moaning about how bad Enterprise is. So I’m amazed to say the season hottest new show is on the network.Veronica Mars has been 22 episodes...

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